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      Presenting Laurie Davis

Mentoring Others to Higher Levels of Personal Worthiness

What Others Have to Say About Laurie

(taken from feedback sheets provided by

clients from around the world)

"Laurie Davis taught me that I was worth something."

"Great sense of humor, humility, I loved her, thank you."

"This was an excellent presentation, simply the best yet I have heard."

"Laurie is authentic. She was able to connect and engage with a brand new audience in minutes. Her presentation left me wanting more of her."

"Refreshing to have a woman telling other women how to move forward."

"Laurie Davis has a message the world needs to hear."

"What Laurie offers is so much more than expected. I'm taking away tools I'll be able to utilize the rest of my life with those I know and love and strangers alike."

" You are a dynamic speaker."

"Laurie can take complicated concepts and make them so simple everyone can go home and start applying what they have learned."

"After Laurie's keynote presentation I wanted to spend the rest of the day with her."

'Laurie is totally transparent, willing to share the good, the bad and the ugly of her own life."

"Laurie gave us practical steps to lay the path to successful communication. Her style of presentation is inclusive. You feel as though she is talking directly to you."

"Every chance I get I will attend a workshop or event where Laurie Davis is speaking."

"I loved how Laurie immediately engaged us to interact and how she modeled confidence to us throughout the presentation."

"Our team was unified after spending a day learning from Laurie what it takes to be a team player."

"I enjoyed that Laurie was willing to share personal stories to make a point

so we could feel confident that we also can move on our dreams."

"Laurie just saved my son's life with one comment. I needed to go and communicate with him. Thanks Laurie."

"This is a compassionate woman, this Laurie Davis."

" I did not know until I heard Laurie speak that I had low self esteem. I have some work to do. Thank you Laurie."

"What a fantastic evening. Thanks Laurie."

We could go on forever, as you can well imagine.