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      Presenting Laurie Davis

Mentoring Others to Higher Levels of Personal Worthiness

Laurie has authored, created, and delivered over 400 workshops in her own line up of products programs and services.

She calls her product line up Self Worth the Missing Link. 


This retreat is a total of 15 hours now delivered on line


No more than 6 in a group

Anyone wishing to heal up the past hurts and be able to move forward will benefit.

"After attending the workshops in this retreat I left feeling like I had lost 300 pounds of damage, hurt and other situations I had not been able to heal. "

Male Age 35

"On my way to see Laurie I was thinking of all the ways I could take my life while away from home. As I drove back home suicide was the farthest thing from my mind." Female Age 26

2. Core Empowerment Workshops