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      Presenting Laurie Davis

Mentoring Others to Higher Levels of Personal Worthiness



Laurie considers all of her personal accomplishments just as important as her professional achievements.

Personal accomplishments include those trials and

lessons we must all learn that often come from tragedy,

obstacles, betrayal, losses, set backs and disappointments.

These have played a large role in the success of her life

and work. She has the unique ability of being able bounce back and carry on, stronger than ever, no matter what. Laurie believes that failure is necessary for success.

A Short List of Laurie's

Professional Accomplishments Include

Most Recently

 Show Host e360TV, launching April 12

has hosted and broadcast 15 other radio talk shows in her career

14000 hours working virtually since 2002

in business for 36 years 

authored, marketed sold and continues to deliver a line up of her own personal and professional development products programs and services, over 400 workshops

member in good standing with Biltmore's

Whose Who in Business

was selected as one of the 100 to be featured in National Association of Distinguished Professionals electronic and hard copy magazine, released April 2014

cast member in a documentary film called

The Gratitude Experiment

was one of two Canadians on the speaking roster for Clemson University, out of South Carolina as part of their continuing education program providing professional development workshops throughout the US, 2007-2009

customized her learning materials for those with special needs and culturally responsive and translations

created a communication system for couples that has reaped a 98% success rate in keeping couples together who otherwise may have parted

upcoming book

Ignite the Entrepreneur

Laurie is frequently interviewed and invited to speak internationally at conferences and gatherings, both First Nations and Non Native participants

These are just a few of the highlights of what she has accomplished

To book Laurie for a speaking event, workshop or to bring her to your organization and community please call or text 780 566 2340