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      Presenting Laurie Davis

Mentoring Others to Higher Levels of Personal Worthiness

Laurie H Davis

"The ability to impart information to others so they can actually do something with it, requires a special set of skills. Just because someone knows how to play a great game of golf, does not mean they can teach another to do the same. Mentoring others to mentor is what I do best." 

Laurie Davis

The following is a list of words, garnered from feedback and evaluation sheets over the years, that others have used to describe Laurie.

* experienced

* credible

* a leader

* laser-beam communicator

* authentic

* generous

* a mentor to many

* an agent for change

* supportive

* ambitious

* humorous

* real

* energetic

* a people person

* caring

* an entrepreneur

* a motivator

* a professional speaker

* a leading edge facilitator

* a visionary

* genuine

* a leader among leaders